NDA Projects

NYLAHD is a full service production company based in the heart of Manhattan. Our office & studio headquarters are blocks from the New York Times building and Times Square. We work on film, TV, Music Video and major brand advertising for agencies, production companies, independent producers, and clients worldwide. We can take a concept and bring it to life – or help shape a campaign or creative project in collaboration with people who just have a rough idea or supply the necessary technical expertise and team to help execute such a production. We have been around since 2010 and have worked with major brands, celebrities and networks to major labels and photographers, and athletes. We have excellent connections and resources so even if its in another state or city chances are we can find the creative solution. We work ninety percent on referrals. We don’t advertise so when the phone rings its because someone recommended us and most of our crew and resources have gone on to work on numerous productions with no public acknowledgement to the company. Very often we also work on what are known as NDA productions. These are non disclosure agreement productions meaning that another company is the title company to the job but they need help with production and reach out because of the quality work we do. The sad thing is that we don’t get to talk about or share these experiences because of the nature of the agreement. So this post is to let all those content creators and filmmakers out there know that if you are looking for an awesome production company to help your project whether its several thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands which we prefer:) We are here to help with a smile. And you will always find that NYLAHD is a dedicated company that truly cares about the work. Use the contact page if you are interested in working with us.


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