NYLAHD was fortunate to work with some extremely talented filmmakers on the short film Anomaly.
The company acted as base camp and headquarters for the New York leg of the production. This was a small but very dedicated crew and I was really impressed with the production design helmed by Joseph Sciacca. I was a producer working under Executive Producer Jens Jacob and helped secure several locations including the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center. It was great to work with Jens, Salomon, Dan and Khalid, Joe & Elspeth. I would like to thank all the people involved for their hard work and particularly the people who went above and beyond working extended hours with little to no sleep – Dan, Dan, Jared and Chris.
Look forward to seeing a cut of the film and seeing these guys continue to create. The above stills are from Khalid Mohtaseb’s lighting and tech scout. I am amazed at the drive, dedication and passion he brings to every project he works on. I can’t wait to get the green light on a major production with him. I love production and have been known to make things happen – with the right people its limitless.
Directors Salomon Ligthelm & Dan DiFelice
Executive Producer Jens Jacob
Producer Brendan Kyle Cochrane
Director of Photography Khalid Mohtaseb
Production Design Joseph Sciacca

ANOMALY Teaser from Salomon on Vimeo.


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