Sisqo Lips

Sisqo Lips Director Parris Producer Brendan Cochrane DP Bruce Francis Cole Art Director Madison Hatch Wardrobe Stylist Stacey Jordan Awesome shoot in Newark New Jersey for artist Sisqo. It was great to be reunited with the Blowing Money Fast Team. … Continued


Geico spec ad from Brendan Cochrane. Recently I had the opportunity to work with the talented director Danny Provenzano for his film project Manhattan Kansas. While I was helping him with production a group of actors were sitting around a … Continued

Justine Skye ‘Collide’ Featuring Tyga

Justine Skye Featuring Tyga Producer Brendan Cochrane Directors Jay Rodriguez & Rock Davis Itchy House Films Production Company NYLAHD Atlantic Records Justine Skye is a really great artist with an awesome voice and this was a great video to work … Continued

Untitled Auto Commercial Project

One of the largest and most challenging jobs NYLAHD has done as a company and personally for me as a producer. I can’t share much about this project until it is released other than we shot two films for a … Continued

Teyana Taylor Maybe

Teyana Taylor Maybe Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane Producer Chavvah Stuart DP Andres Karu Production Designer Tyler Wallach Awesome shoot for Teyana Taylor “Maybe” Shot on location in New York this was a demanding shoot in that we had 12 hours … Continued

LL Cool J The Hustler

LL Cool J The Hustler Featuring Movado Producers Elspeth Brown & Kareem Johnson Director Benny Boom                                                  Production Company NYLAHD Shot on location in New York this was an awesome video to be a part of. LL Cool J is legendary … Continued

The Rua Fight For What’s Right

The Rua – Fight For What’s Right Director Frank Borin Producer Elspeth Brown Production Company London Alley & NYLAHD Shot on location in New York the Rua are an awesome sounding Irish band. This was a pretty last minute shoot … Continued

Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane Reel

New Reel that contains some of my work. Very interested in doing more quality Commercials and Music Videos and eventually narrative feature film and TV work. With one feature film under my belt and a lot of producing experience I … Continued