The Grind

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The Grind an original series written and directed by Brendan Kyle Cochrane. The show is about an auto thief who comes home from prison after six years and has to deal with life on parole, his family, and the criminal associates he left behind. This series has been a long time coming. As a working director & producer you usually have to take the work that people approach you with (advertising, music video & branded film) and pretty much offer whatever contribution that fits the project. Very often you are dealing with a lot of cooks in the kitchen and never get to really show people your talent – because you are always following their lead. Which is why finally after so many years of saying one day I’m going to do x,y,z I finally said I need to make this show and get it off the ground.

So three years ago I tried to cast this project and couldn’t find the right leads. I found some great actors and a lot of people in supporting roles but not the leads. The project was put on hold and I continued to work on various projects always wanting to write and direct for film & TV.

Finally this year I reworked some of the scripts and recast and found two incredible actors that I felt could carry the show; Melvin Lima & Samantha Opitz. A bonus came when Joseph Assadourian my co-author of a play I wrote which was performed at the Public Theater (Joey Shakespear) decided he was interested in reading for a co-star role. After seeing the potential I felt it was necessary to try to get a production day in before the end of 2014.

With a small group of dedicated cast and crew we brought to life the pages I wrote and I cannot express how incredible it is to watch this process take shape. To have cast and crew that believe in you and really go the distance is incredible and I am looking forward to finishing six episodes and marketing them for HBO, FX, AMC and or Netflix and Amazon. Within days we have some key players interested in this material and this is exactly the type of projects that not only jump start people’s careers but are truly rewarding in that they literally create franchises that support the financial and artistic growth of so many people. There are a number of actors waiting in the wings to get on board along with some awesome crew and producers. I am looking forward to a terrific 2015 and building the beginning of an exciting TV episodic series.

Production Company NYLAHD

Director & Writer Brendan Kyle Cochrane

Producer Jen Emma Hertel

Director of Photography Dan Stewart

AC Snyder Derival

Sound Joe Ramirez


Melvin Lima Grayden Carter

Samantha Opitz Denise Quatrone

Joe Assadourian A-Town

Jamar Greene Chester

Wish to thank the New York City Mayors Office of Film Theater & Broadcasting & Picture Cars East. Stay tuned for the Trailers!


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