NYLAHD Color Grading

Very often producers or production companies work on jobs where they don’t get to monitor the completion of the shot footage. At NYLAHD we always try to make sure the client is aware of the capabilities and that quality finishing can really improve the level of work not only for the client but the audience as well. Too many people are either scared off by the belief that its expensive to shoot Red Epic and deal with the post. We work with all budgets and make sure our clients are happy and that the work quality stands out. Below are graded and ungraded images from a Tumi Luggage commercial we worked on. The difference between color graded footage and non color graded footage is readily apparent and we have a variety of skilled colorists we work with. We also have alliances for bigger jobs where there are complex beauty or specialty image work involved.
Basically if someone can conceive what they want – we can deliver the resources to bring it to life. We work with Davinci Resolve with Avid Control. We can also do same day transcoding and deliver dailies to a producer or client the same day.
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