Justine Skye ‘Collide’ Featuring Tyga

Justine Skye Featuring Tyga
Producer Brendan Cochrane
Directors Jay Rodriguez & Rock Davis Itchy House Films
Production Company NYLAHD
Atlantic Records

Justine Skye is a really great artist with an awesome voice and this was a great video to work on. I really like the track and the way the video turned out. Shot on location in California the Itchy House directors did a great job putting this one together. One of the things NYLAHD does is get the details right. Whether its a small or large project we try to make sure all the bases are covered so the creative can really shine. Definitely interested in working with these guys again and we are on the hunt for other talented directors who are looking for a company to help make their projects shine. Special thanks to producer James Parker and Atlantic records for their support. Stay tuned more to come. . .


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