Geico spec ad from Brendan Cochrane. Recently I had the opportunity to work with the talented director Danny Provenzano for his film project Manhattan Kansas. While I was helping him with production a group of actors were sitting around a table for a scene in his project and I mentioned to Danny that this would make a great Geico ad. What if. . . . Danny seemed pretty enthusiastic about the idea so we ran a couple of takes with the actors and it seemed to pay off. Later after we put the piece together I sent it to an agency affiliated with Geico and they encouraged me to apply for more work. There has been no follow up so I thought why not post it and show people that we have the capability to produce some funny and different branded content. I personally think we would kill one of these Geico or other branded campaigns if one of these account directors would give us even a fraction of the budgets they get. Enjoy it and if you are looking for content please contact thanks


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