Drake FIFA 2014

FIFA 2014 EA Sports Promotion
Agency Paragon Marketing
Director Rashid Ghazi
Event Director Brad Smith
Creative Producer Brendan Cochrane
Awesome shoot for Drake and FIFA 2014. EA Sports & Paragon Marketing sought to capture Drake promoting FIFA 2014 the day before his new album dropped. The challenge was capturing Drake in multiple locations that required precision coordination. We had an awesome crew comprised of security, three Epic X operators, 2 5D MK III operators, a GH2, and a Go Pro Hero 3. All of this was assembled in a convoy of Escalades and Chevy’s with teams positioned at different locations in communication with the logistics director. I learned a lot about who I could rely on and who really delivered. This was a great shoot in that Drake was literally giving back to the community and it was really great to see the fans and kids appreciate the FIFA games and seeing Drake participate. I really enjoyed working with EA Sports and Paragon and am looking forward to really raising the bar with more commercial work.
Here is the spot that was featured on Amazon dot com

FIFA/DRAKE Commercial from NYLAHD on Vimeo.


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